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Shining Black







4/11/06 - Show Wednesday @ Billy Luetzen's house! We just got added so we're not on the flyer but we'll be playing around 7:30-8, right after the Little Red Experimental Experience Squared. Also playing will be: Fist Full of Knuckles, The Corpralites, and Me At My Darkest along with two out of town bands, so make sure you're there! Also, we'll be playing 2 brand spanking new songs, never heard by anyone except the people at our practices, so come and check 'em out.

3/23/06 - New links added to the homepage ( can see 'em) and new pics added from the March 5th show. Check it out!

3/02/06 - Bio page has been updated. New bio and a fancy new group photo. Check it out! Also, we might finally be completing our demo with Jim from Wreck of Nerves. Check back for more updates.

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Listen to Shining Black at
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2/25/06 - Winter Outrage cancelled due to circumstances beyond their control. Sorry guys. But hey we're still playing the final show at Mr. Wish on March 5th. Hope to see you guys there.

2/23/06 - Alrighty...finally the Bio pages are updated. Check 'em out! Also new pics added.


The Amp

"If we die, we die well dressed"