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Shining Black







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The band, originally called SplitSenSe, went through many different lineup changes and had more members than anybody can possibly remember. In the summer of '03, the band had it's first steady roster. Aj (Bones) Davis on vocals, toM (Flap) Sheppard on drums, Keith (FeFe) Hagel on guitar, Zack (Dirty) Perez on Bass, and Andrew (Boob) Seier on guitar.

After a few major problems within the band and with Aj planning to move to Florida for college, we decided to split up. We did rejoin briefly for a final show at the Amp, with Zach (Slink) Schultz replacing Andy on guitar.

After a short break in the summer of '04, Keith, Dirty, and Slink got together to restart the band, Joined by toM first and later by Kody (Disco) Ternes on lead vocals, and Justin (Redwood) on drums.

Justin moved back to Maryland shortly after Kody's first show, but we hired a new drummer: Dylan Bice.

After performing under the name SplitSenSe for more than a year, we recieved threats of legal action from another band called Splitsense in NY. Considering that we didn't want our asses sued, we officially changed our name to Shining Black.

In the fall of '05 Kody left to focus his attention fully on his new band, Crime Rate in Iowa. For a while the band just continued on, writing songs and attempting to find a new vocalist. Then an unexpected surprise came when Aj (Bones) Davis moved back from Florida. We immediately welcomed him back into the band, just as we were signed to This Could Work Records, and began recording our new demo, and planning a tour.