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Shining Black
Old News

9/26/05 - No updates for awhile, but here's a doozy kids.  Kody "Disco" Ternes will be playing a last show with us so we can take part in the hurrican Katrina and Rita benefits at the amp.  The benefits are October 1st and 2nd at 7:00 sharp, but Shining Black, along with Merick, the Corpralites, and Fist Full of Knuckles will be playing the October 2nd show.  Come on down!

9/05/05 - Yep, that's right boys and girls, Shining Black is officially looking for a new frontman again.  If you or someone you know can scream/sing and has the energy to be a frontman for our live shows, post in the guestbook and give us some way to contact you.

8/1/05 - New Pics from the July 31st show in the new pictures section.  If anyone has any pictures from Derek's goodbye show please send them to us.  Thank you to all that came out and supported us.  We'll be playing the August 7th show at the amp and we'll also be working on our new demo throughout August, keep checking back for more updates.

7/14/05 - We have t-shirts for sale!  Check 'em out in the merch section and e-mail us or sign the guestbook with your name and address and we'll get you one.

7/07/05 - Great Shows, a big thanks again to everyone that came, you guys make it all worth it.  Thanks to Break the Silence as well who played a kick ass set .  New pics up in the pictures section, we'll be rearranging the pictures site, so you guys can look for that sometime soon.  We're also hopefully gonna start recording again, so look for a new demo and possibly other cool stuff as well.

7/01/05 - Awesome freakin' show.  Thank you to everyone that came, and a big thanks to the New York guys for stayin for our set.  New pics up (of course) in the pictures section, so go check 'em out.  And we'll be playing the July 5th show, so come on out and see us along with Self-Employed Savior, Break the Silence, and Merick.

6/22/05 - New pictures from the May 28th show, they're in the usual place in the pictures section.  If anyone wants pictures from the old "practice at Slink's" section, let us know and we'll send 'em out.  We're workin on two new songs right now and we've just started recording again, so we'll try to keep you posted on everything.

05/27/05 - New Pics from the May 18th show.  Check 'em out in the pictures section.  And don't forget to head back out to the Amp on Saturday for our big graduation show.

05/17/05 - Show was good, thank you to all that stayed for our set, even though it was so late.  No pics, if anyone has any please contact us.

04/25/05 - This is it!  The new site.  We finally have changed our name to Shining Black.  We haven't changed much except the name, the site'll be the same (save for the address), the pictures, and of course the music.  Once again, we would like to thank all who support us through everything. 
3/29/05 - The Accoustic show was awesome!  Thank you to all that came!  Special thanks, of course, goes out to Aj for helping us out with one more show.  There's pictures up in the newly renovated "pictures" section if anyone wants to check 'em out.  But bad news for everybody, it seems the Amp is closing again, but we might just be able to play a last show there, and go out with a bang.  Keep your fingers crossed.  Once again, thank you to all our fans who come to our shows, we couldn't do this without you!

03/13/05 - The Battle was a blast!  Thank you to all those that came and supported us during the 3 shows this weekend.  Oh, and just so you all don't forget.  Zack Perez walked away with best bassist, and Zach Schultz walked away with 2nd best guitarist.  We may not have won, but we still made a damn good impression.  And don't forget to come to the accoustic show on March 23rd early.  Splitsense is opening at 6, and we'll be performing with special guest and original vocalist, Aj Davis.  Once again, thank you to all who support us.

03/12/05 - On second thought, screw Splitsense.  After a lot of thinking and a pep-talk from Billy Leutzen, we're keepin the name.  If someone wants to sue us, they can, whatever.  So hey!  Split-Sense is playin 3 times this weekend, we already had a blast Friday night, we're playin Saturday night, and we're in the battle of the bands Sunday night.  It's all at the Amp folks, so come on down and see Split-Sense's "No Rest for the Wicked" tour.

03/09/05 - New name, new shows, old vocalist!  That's right, we've got a new name, Shining Black, so spread it around!  And great news for fans of the classic stuff, our former vocalist: Aj Davis is coming back!  We'll be doing at least one show with him on the 23rd of March.  We'll be playing at 6 so get there earlier.  All of us would also really like to thank all the fans and friends who have supported us recently, THANK YOU!  And don't forget, Battle of the Bands Sunday!  Be There!

03/07/05 - We're in the market for a new Band name, as another band called Splitsense has contacted us and threatened legal action if we do not change our name.  A big "Fuck You" goes out to Tom Shepard for alerting them to our mistake.

02/25/05 - Awesome Show, thank you to all that came!  Another thank you to Merick and Visions of the Blind for making it even more of a kickass show, and to Justin Perez and Chris Barney for helping out on Undersleeves.  New pics of the show in the pictures section.

02/09/05 - New Pictures in the "Practice at Slink's" section, showing us rehearsing with new drummer: Dylan Bice, we also have individual member bios in the "Bio" section of the site, check it out to read up on your favorite member.

02/05/05 - We Have at least 3 shows coming up for all you guys who have missed us since our last show.  First up is Friday, Feb. 11th.  The Valentine's Hardcore Show.  Next is Feb. 25th, where we'll be co-headlining with Merick, with special guest, for their first show since the reunion, VISIONS OF THE BLIND!  And don't forget the Battle of the Bands on March 13th, Come out and support us.  Or Don't.  I don't care, just come!

01/15/05 - We are now Drummer-less thanks to Justin moving, but we have a possible new drummer, Dylan Bice.

01/15/05 - Great Show, Thank you to All that came.  We have some new pictures but are hoping to get more.  Thanks to Guests Chris from Merick, and the original dirty, Justin Perez.

12/27/04 - Check out the brand-spankin-new "Media" Section to download one or all of the songs from the infamous demo: "The Hated Name by Zack."

12/23 We Finally have pictures from the November 21st show at the amp.  Check 'em out if you're itchin for a view of our drummer, Justin.  We've Also Got Pictures from some of the newer practices.  Check 'em out under "Practice at Slink's."

New Pictures!!!  New Pictures!!!  We now have pictures from the last show in the pictures section.  Check 'em out if you want.

04/13/04 - The battle of the bands-- awesome pictures.  A Story Untold won the prize AWESOME band! WE had a blast that is all tha matters.

02/28/04 - We rocked our asses off and people liked what we played and destroyed each other in the pit,  who could ask for anything more? THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO CAME