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3/02/06 - Bio page has been updated. New bio and a fancy new group photo. Check it out! Also, we might finally be completing our demo with Jim from Wreck of Nerves. Check back for more updates.

2/25/06 - Winter Outrage cancelled due to circumstances beyond their control. Sorry guys. But hey we're still playing the final show at Mr. Wish on March 5th. Hope to see you guys there.

2/23/06 - Alrighty...finally the Bio pages are updated. Check 'em out! Also new pics added.

2/22/06 - Winter Outrage '06!!! 24 bands, $6. Be There!!! Shining Black will be playing at 1:40 to 2:10. But...the show starts at 11am so wake up early. Also, the amp is closing so we will be playing the final show at Mr. Wish on March 5th. Show starts at 2pm, $4.

2/6/06 - "Shinning Black" will be playing at the Winter Outrage '06 in Mandan at The Post on Feb. 25th along with The End Times, Between the Skies, and Inkedindecision. Come check it out! (More info here.) We're also playing at the amp this Saturday (the 11th) with Grand Forks metal band, Five Star Fracture, and local acts Oblivious Enslavement and Crime Rate in Iowa. Starts at 7, $4, All Ages. And... new pics will be up soon and a new Bio page so keep checking back...

1/24/06 - Updates, Updates, Updates! We're still "in the studio" at the Chateau Cavallo, we're putting the finishing touches on the drums and vocals and then it'll be done. You can look for it on This Could Work's Myspace here. We weren't able to play the Bismarck show on the 21st due to unfortunate circumstances, but we'll be heading out there and playing some hometown shows at the amp as soon as we can. We've even got reworked versions of some of our songs including Where the Sidewalk Ends, Built to Fall, and Violence Solves Everything. So we'll be trying 'em out as soon as we can. Also, we have some pics from the Jan. 14th show up in the pics section, so check 'em out.

12/19/05 - No updates for awhile, but here's a doozy folks. Aj's back and we're better than ever. We've already played two shows and will be playing a 3rd at the amp on Tuesday the 20th. After that we'll be taking a break so Aj can learn the rest of the songs and we'll be writing new songs, not to mention rewriting old favorites. The Biggest News is our recent signing to "This Could Work Records." We already have a demo version of "Hey Kid, Don't go In There, Aids is in There" and will be putting it up everywhere we can soon. Check back for more updates.